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Get Real

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Synopsis:—it was her escape, the only place she could go and say whatever she wanted without the world judging her for once, the only place she could go where no one would find out how she really felt about how her perfect boyfriend dumped her, how her father’s alcoholism landed him thousands of miles away, how her prodigal son of a brother dropped out of college and moved back home, and how her mother would walk around pretending as if none of these things even existed. As her last year of high school approaches, Anna realizes it’s time to make a change. But she never would have expected the newest change to be the boy that could see right through her façade, the only place besides that she finds an escape.

I’ve always found the concept of “diary” books interesting but annoying. However, I’ve always wanted to keep a diary myself and have many failed attempts and thought about what it’d be like to truly document my life. But life’s not that interesting…or at least mine anyway. There are interesting bits and pieces here and there, but in its entirety, it would never be something I could truly capture. So in my imaginary world, I created a character who could do what I couldn’t do—document their life in some form of a diary, but better. The main character, Anna, creates a website where she talks about her life and those entries are almost seamlessly integrated with the regular narration of the story, never interrupting it or taking anything away from it.

Get Real has a special place in my heart because subconsciously or consciously, I put a lot of pieces of myself into Anna. She writes in GetReal  because, fittingly, it’s the only place she feels she can be real. In the way that she goes to a website to express herself is the same way I write books to express the thoughts and emotions that I have.

Anna meets Spencer, the unlikely geeky boy that helps her reconnect to the world around her. Through him, she gains the courage to speak up herself and help her broken family regain what they once had. Spencer helps her learn that not everything is perfect and it doesn’t have to be. Imperfect can be kind of great too.

I’d tell you to look for Get Real soon, but it’s entirely too long and needs a lot of revision…even though I hate revision with a flaming passion. Hopefully the process goes well.


Written by Paige Agnew

May 17, 2012 at 11:24 am

Interview with Lady Serenity, Rachel Berry

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My first interview. 

Lady Serenity, Rachel Berry of the Heart & Soul Radio Show, made doing an interview easy.  Sure I was nervous, but she was great!  Everyone should be so blessed to have someone like her to be their interviewer. 

Random Fun

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Fans ask if the people in Starless Sky come from my real life.  Well, no, but sometimes sorta.  By that, I mean that I sometimes take small tidbits from real life and use it with the people in Starless Sky.  For example, the characters, Kahlen and Kennley play the Random Game. 

I came up with the Random Game during track season a few years ago.  My friend, Ally, and I were bored at the track banquet and I asked her to play the Random Game.  After giving her instructions, which I made up, we played the game.  The rules are: (1) the person who begins says something completely random, (2) the person who responds has to say something random and completely unrelated to what the first person said – only 5 to 10 seconds is allowed for a response, and (3) the game goes on and on, back and forth, until one of the players fail to come up with a response in the alloted time.  For example, the first person says “tatoo” and the second person says “needle.”  Obviously the second person loses.  Another example would be, the first person says, “tatoo” and the second person says”shoe lace.”  The first person would then respond with something random and completely unrelated to “shoe lace,”  such as “mattress.”  The Random Game does not have to be limited to two people.  You can always find more than one person who is looking for a distraction (and of course, I am not saying anyone needs a distraction from school work, or that anyone could ever be bored in math class).   As you probably have guessed, I am not a huge fan of math.

  Random Fun

Written by Paige Agnew

December 18, 2010 at 6:37 am